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09. 自動交易

Trade route allows you to set up routes for your merchant that he will walk every day at a certain hour. Standard this holds on for 7 days, but you can extend it with 7 days for the cost of Gold.png2.


To set a trade route, you have to go to the marketplace. Once you have more than 1 village, the tab “trade routes” will appear. What you see here is the screen you get when you have no Trade routes set yet. To create a trade route, you have to click the “Create new trade route” link.


After clicking the “Create new trade route” link, This is the screen you will be shown. I censored the village name here again, which should be in the drop-down menu behind ‘target village’. A little explanation on the screen you see here: target village: the village the resources will be transported to. Note that you can only send resources by using this feature to your own villages. Resources: Pretty obvious. The resources you want to send to the other village Start time: The time your merchant will be starting his route. In this case, I let it start at 16=16.00 server time. So it does not take the time zone you may have set on your own, but the server time. This is GMT+1 (Germany, Netherlands…) Deliveries: How many times you want your merchant to go? I set it to 3 here, so it will go 3 times starting the first time at 16.00 o‘clock. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 times. Costs: The costs of the trade route is always gold2.png 2. Duration: This is also solid value when creating a new one. A new route is always 7 days.


Once created, you will see this when clicking the “trade routes” tab in the marketplace. Censored village name again, which should stand behind “Trade route to…” . You can select a trade route and hit the ‘Extend’, ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ link. All of them pretty much explain their selves. Further, you can see the starting time here, the amount of resources involved per load, the merchants used and the time left for that route. If you look beneath the “merchants” heading, you see “3x1”. The “3” is the amount of deliveries; the “1” is the number of merchants. Therefore 1 merchant will walk 3 times.

HINT: This feature is NOT activated on T2.5 servers!


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