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04. 操作簡介

YES! I made an account and successfully logged on! Now can I begin playing? NO! Of course not! You don't even know how! But that's what I'm here for ^_~.

Woo, look at that! That is basically what a new beginners village overview looks like. No fields built what so ever, but we can get to that later.

As you can see, I have pointed out some crucial things about this game map, lets have a look, shall we?

1. (black): This is the same side bar as before, but a little different.

As you can see, instead of log in, it has log out, which is you click that, will log out your account for you.

You now have a profile button, which is where you can customize your profile and give additional information about yourself.

There is also no registration button, because obviously, you already did that.

The manual is also different, it brings up a pop up in the same window you're on which shows you details of the units and buildings you can have (or can't have).

And the last one at the very bottom is the Travian Plus button, which is where you can buy gold (with real money) and use that gold for special features. You get 35 free gold when you register for Travian (lucky you!) and you can use it any time you please. I find using it to make NPC Merchant trades useful, but increasing your production for 7 days by 25% isn't that bad either.

2. (red): This is the village overview button. It takes you straight to the page you are already on.

3. (orange): This takes you to your village centre, which is where you can build many buildings, like a rally point, cranny, or even an academy.

4. (blue): This is the map button, which will bring you to the huge world map of Travian. If you click it, it will show you exactly where you are located, but lets worry about that later.

5. (yellow): This is the statistics button. It will take you to something like a ranking system for the game. You can see where you stand against other players.

6. (purple): These are actually two buttons. The one on the left is the reports button, the one on the right is the messages button. You receive reports when you complete a trade, receive reinforcements, are attacked or complete an attack, or miscellaneous. You receive messages from the game or from other players. When you receive a report, the left piece of paper turns green, when you receive a message, the right piece of paper turns yellow. You happen to have a message, but you can read it later.

We have talked about the base of the game now. You know exactly what those buttons that will appear on every page does, but now you just need to know more about the game itself.


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